31 oktober 2022

‘Tim Yeah Tim’ goes carbon neutral with CTEK!

Battery chargers

Renowned Australian action photographer Tim Harris took to TikTok recently to explain how he’d managed to make his photoshoots a little greener while out on location, thanks to CTEK and the CS FREE! 

Tim, appearing on social media and online as ‘Tim Yeah Tim’, is a photographer and videographer known for his dynamic storytelling of high-speed automotive, lifestyle and travel projects. And when he was on location shooting a cycling campaign recently, he took up the challenge to make his camera carbon neutral by taking along a fully portable CTEK CS FREE and solar panel. 

“I used the downtime to re-juice the camera battery using the CS FREE attached to the solar panel,” says Tim. “I was still able to get charge, even when the panel was partially shadowed by the bikes mounted on the car. I then used the CS FREE to recharge my camera batteries and phone overnight. 

“This is a small solution to making my workflow greener and I’m super stoked to add this bit of equipment to my kit. It can even be used to help jump start or charge your wheels.” 

The folding solar charging panel, which comes as an optional extra, charges up the CS FREE so it can work as a powerbank to charge your devices via USB-A and USB-C ports in a 100% carbon neutral way.  

You can also use the CS FREE to charge your vehicle battery, as an adaptive booster to get you safely started again if you find yourself stranded with a flat battery and, while plugged into a power source, as a smart maintainer. Regular maintenance charging can extend the lifespan of a vehicle battery by up to three times, which has additional environmental benefits by reducing wastage. 

Here, you can view Tim’s TikTok video for a limited time, and find more information about the award-winning CS FREE.  


12V | Multifunktionell och bärbar 4-i-1 laddare med underhållsladdning, adaptiv booster och powerbank.