14 Oktober 2022

When it’s cold, dark, and you’re in the middle of nowhere

When it’s cold and dark, you need to absolutely rely on your winter vehicle to take you out when you want and bring you home safe. Because, as much as winters are beautiful and filled with amazing possibilities for fun and adventure, they can also be treacherous. 

Look after the things that matter


Studies have found that freezing weather can drain battery power by 30 – 60%, affecting its power and capacity. These are factors that can and will impact on the life of a battery. Therefore, it is imperative that the battery in your vehicle – whether it’s a 4WD, ATV or snowmobile - is charged and well maintained. 

So please, be winter smart. Be sure to have the portable CS FREE battery charger with you wherever you go. Powered by Adaptive Boost technology*, CS FREE will get a totally flat battery going safely and quickly, within 15 minutes! You can use it plugged to a mains power, or travel with it to top up your battery and even tech like phones and cameras too. And if you stop for a while, you can even hook up to its own solar panel kit. The CS FREE will charge and maintain ANY 12V lead acid or lithium battery, enabling you to be connected at all times. 

Nothing’s going to stop you now

Winter is also when you want to make sure the battery in your vehicle is charged and in the best of health. Get to know the inbuilt intelligence of the CS ONE with its groundbreaking Adaptive Charging Technology, APTO™️, and how it will work for you. This smart battery charger will automatically analyze the health of your battery and keep it in consistently top, always-ready running condition.  Then, when you want to get on the road, have that extra sense of security with the CS FREE tucked away in the trunk. 

Those times when it’s cold and dark, and you’re in the middle of nowhere can be truly magical. Provided of course, you’re winter smart. 

 Be ready. Be charged. Be winter smart .

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*About Adaptive Boost: If your battery is flat, the CS FREE’s revolutionary Adaptive Boost technology will automatically analyse the state of the battery it’s connected to, automatically adjust to the battery’s voltage level and then work out the safest and most effective way of giving it enough power to start your vehicle. What’s more, this will only take up to 15 minutes.

Unlike most ‘boosters’ and jump lead starting, the CS FREE is sensitive to the state of the battery and only gives it the charge it needs to get you started. This avoids the possibility of any damage to the battery itself or your vehicle’s electronics.